Under 17 Driver Training

Driver training for 14-16 year olds

Learn basic driving skills on an off-road driving at area (at Lightwood, Norton, Airfield, Sheffield) in a dual controlled car, with a fully qualified, professional instructor – Parents welcome!

It’s often a concern that professional driver training seldom starts until the age of 17 – and then the focus is as as few lessons as possible to pass a test. When the 17-25 age group are statistically the highest risk drivers, learning to handle a vehicle well, and having the positive benefits of a seasoned professional instructor available, can make a major difference to a persons attitude to driving. Couple this with well established car control skills, and you’ll be providing the best possible introduction to “Safe Driving for Life”.

This is:

Under 17 driving for 14 year olds in Sheffield
Under 17 driving for 15 year olds in Sheffield
Under 17 driving for 16 year olds in Sheffield
…fully insured, with a professional driving instructor, from Lightwood, Norton Aerodrome, Sheffield.

Why not contact us and discuss what we can offer – there’s no silly pricing. Just £32 per hour using our vehicle. Sessions are available after each school day during the week, and all day during school holidays. Just an hour or two per month, from 15-17 will make an incredible difference to a young driver’s attitude and abilities – plus it’s a whole load of fun!

Also available:

Under 17 towing tuition. Learn to reverse and manoeuvre a trailer / horse box / caravan, from 14 years old: the ideal training for those involved with horses, horse boxes, or plant. (Please note: basic driving skills will need to be established first). Price: £50 per hour, using our Land Rover Freelander and sand-bagged Box Trailer.

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