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Professional driver, experienced in advanced driver training & fuel efficiency driving techniques. Essentially, a driver trainer that’s likes to keep driving!

Ad-Hoc HGV Class 1 & 2 (Cats C+E, C) driver. No job too small! Ideal for holiday and sickness cover.
Ad-Hoc Coach (Cats D, D+E) driver. Again, no job too small! Ideal for holiday and sickness cover.
All CPC current.
Enhanced CRB Certificate.
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Driver Training:

LGV / HGV: training for new and existing drivers, using your own vehicles. If you’ve got the vehicles, and you know the driver you want, why pay the high costs to send them to a conventional HGV training comany? We are independent, freelance driver trainers, that can save you money by using your vehicles & sites to train your drivers.

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Business: On-site auditing

‘Almost live’ reporting of vehicle condition (from a drivers’ perspective)
‘Almost live’ reporting of a customer experience, and your customer service
Do you know the current standards of your company vehicles?
Do you know what your customer service is like, when you’re not around?

The auditing / customer experience analysis that we can carry out, coupled with the software we use, can be tailored to provide you with almost any information you need, either as a specific vehicle / site inspection, or on a wider-view, random collective analysis basis.

Reports are emailed as a PDF file directly to you, so you can see immediately what the current, given situation is, no matter where you are.

The objective is not to catch people out, but to improve your productivity & profitability; your levels of customer service and operating standards, etc. For example:

A faulty / below legal limit tyre is worth 3 points on a drivers’ licence. It’s also worth 3 points on the owner’s / manager’s / director’s licence. Can you afford to obtain driving licence points, whilst sat at your desk?

Beyond that, should somebody be injured or killed, company owners / directors / managers have been fined or imprisoned, because of lapses in Health & Safety. Can you take these chances, when vehicles are being operated 24/7 throughout the country?

This basic auditing / inspection, can quickly highlight problems / situations / lapses that can easily be put right, protecting yourselves / your employees / your customers, and improving standards throughout. (For a more detailed Health & Safety advice, we can recommend several safety-based companies).

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